Among the many advantages they have over traditional coagulants and flocculants are:

  • BEWAT products have a higher efficiency compared to traditional inorganic coagulants.
  • It is about organic products that don´t contribute metals neither to water nor to mud. Favoring the valorization of the mud for agricultural use.
  • They are 100% effective products in a range of pH 4-10.
  • BEWAT do not modify the pH of treated water, so it is not necessary to use alkalizing products such as sodium or calcium hydroxide.
  • They are profitable products to reduce the cost of treatment: avoid the use of soda or lime, reduce or eliminate the use of flocculants (multifunctional products), improve quality and reduce the volume of sludge, reducing waste management costs, prolong life useful machinery and pipes and allow the reuse of water.

  • They are safer products for people, they aren´t corrosive or dangerous products.
  • Eco-friendly products, BEWAT products are of natural origin and sustainable throughout their life cycle.
  • They have dehydrating properties, so that less quantities of mud are generated in the treatment.
  • These products are less acidic than traditional inorganic products, as they are not corrosive and extend the useful life of the facilities.
  • They don´t contribute toxic elements to the mud generated, so they improve the biological processes.
  • The products of the BEWAT series are not considered dangerous chemicals that require specific regulations for their packaging, storage and transport, eliminating unneces- sary risks in the work areas.