Waste water treatment - Automotive sector

Water pollution is the most important environmental aspect of metal treatment and coating activities. The contamination of the water is mainly due to the emptying of spent or contaminated process baths and to the rinsing functions of the parts between consecutive process baths, since there is a drag of the reagents of the bath when they are deposited on the piece.

The most important pollutants to consider are dissolved metals and some chemicals. These products can be toxic to aquatic life even at very low concentration levels. The potential pollutant of the spills is due to the toxicity of the compounds that can be poured.

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Bewat Advantages

The BEWAT products allow working in an efficient and safe way, avoiding the use of neutralizers and in many cases of flocculants, through the use of multifunctional products such as the BEWAT MT. In addition to its advantages in terms of performance and improvement of water quality, BEWAT products allow operating in the plant safely, both to avoid spills of corrosive products and to protect operators by avoiding the handling of dangerous products, such as ferric sulfate and ferric chloride among others.

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