Wastewater treatment - Construction sector

The consumption of water in the sectors derived from construction such as the ceramic sector (manufacture of tiles, toilets and tableware) is an environmental aspect to consider, since water is an indispensable element in its processes. Water is used as raw material, as a heat exchange vehicle in the fritting or cooling operations of engines such as in the grinding, cutting and polishing processes of ceramic tiles or in the cleaning processes of glaze mills or production lines.

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Bewat Advantages

The BEWAT products allow not providing salts in the waters coming from processes of grinding, polishing or cutting of ceramic tiles, natural stone or glass. In this way, the conductivity values remain stable and the cycles of water reuse can be greater, avoiding purges of the circuits. In addition, by not providing salts we improve the reuse of sludge as raw material for atomizers, decreasing the use of dispersants.

In other processes such as the treatment of waste water from glaze or paint manufacturers, we eliminate the use of sodium hydroxide and lime, and we favor the reuse of water in cooling systems such as cooling towers at very low costs.

Comparative table

CONSTRUCTION - Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales – Sector Construcción