Bewat CT - Coagulants for waste water

Los coagulantes de la serie BEWAT CT son una alternativa respetuosa con el medio ambiente a los coagulantes inorgánicos tradicionales tales como el cloruro férrico, el sulfato de aluminio, el policloruro de aluminio, etc.


wood landscape nature forest 400x400 - Bewat CT - Coagulantes para aguas residuales

High efficiency

Greater performance against inorganic and synthetic coagulants.

They do not modify the ph

They are effective in a wide pH range and do not modify it, so the use of sodium or calcium hydroxide is not necessary.

Free metals

Don´t contribute metals to water or mud.

Don´t contribute salts

Don´t increase the conductivity of the effluent.

100% efficient

In a wide range of pH 4-10.

Safe products

For people and for the environment, they are not corrosive or dangerous.

Protect the facilities

They are products that are not corrosive, so they protect the facilities

Improve biological processes

By not contributing toxic elements to water.

(*) BEWAT CT It may be used for the treatment of drinking water as established by the regulations of each country.