Bewat MT - Multifunctional for waste water

BEWAT MT presents a range of multifunctional products that act as coagulants and flocculants. In this way, you have all the advantages of natural coagulants and flocculants in a single product, without the need for coagulants, alkalizing agents and flocculants. The dosage of chemical product is simplified, since there is a single point of application and an single product is handled.


green hosta leaves 38012 400x400 - Bewat MT - Multifuncionales para aguas residuales


A single product for the entire wastewater treatment process

They do not modify the ph

They are effective in a wide range of pH and do not modify it so it is not necessary to use sodium or calcium hydroxide

Free metals

Don´t contribute metals to water or mud.

Don´t contribute salts

Don´t increase the conductivity of the effluent

100% efficient

In a wide range of pH 4-10.

Safe products

For people and for the environment, they are not corrosive or dangerous.

Protect the facilities

They are products that are not corrosive, so they protect the facilities


By not contributing toxic elements to water

(*) BEWAT MT It may be used for the treatment of drinking water as established by the regulations of each country.